What are our products made from?


All of our products are made from a variety of materials including polyester, elastane, spandex, cotton, etc.

Where do we get our materials from?


Our product components are sourced from all over the world including, the USA, Lithuania, El Salvador, Mexico, China, Turkey, Honduras, Haiti, Nicaragua and the list goes on!

Our manufacturing partners are based in the USA, Mexico, Spain, Latvia and Canada with partnering facilities located in Brazil, Japan and Australia.

What happens to product waste?


Our partners in manufacturing and distribution have worked tirelessly to ensure over 787,524 lbs. (357,214 kg) in products have been recycled in 2022 alone!

In 2022 as well, over 19,637 ft (5,985m) of fabric scraps were saved and repurposed. That's almost the length of 120 Olympic swimming pools!!

Stylish and Safe?

Did you know that some of our products are certified UPF50+?

Keep an eye out in the product descriptions for more information on your favourite products or if you have any questions, contact the team!

Our Commitment to Sustainability

Here at KASL, we are dedicated to ensuring a sustainable future. This is why we only partner with manufacturers and business partners who share our beliefs and our ethos.